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Love your neighbour
28 June 2016
“By reason of their intensity and magnitude, the refugee problems of the twentieth century outrange the forced migrations of bygone ages. It is the most serious human element in the troubles of our time.” 
Little did Rev Henry Carter realise that his statement, made in 1947, would be so poignant - if not prophetic. Henry Carter was commenting on the aftermath of the Second World War. He saw the problem of displaced people - of families and children rejected from their homes and countries. They had nowhere to live. So he responded and established the Methodist Refugee Fund to raise money and provoke action to provide care, support and practical compassion. Seven decades later, Rev Carter’s legacy resides within All We Can: Methodist relief and development, which is a direct descendent of the Methodist Refugee Fund. 
While the number of deaths and casualties brought about by the Syrian civil war are not on the same scale as the 60 million who died in the ...

2016-06-29 15:30:51

Great and You Jill were wonderful at Beckminister

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